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The Gin from the Santa Barbara winery is an artisanal gin, very fragrant.

The botanicals with which it is made are not revealed to leave the taster the pleasure and fun of discovering and guessing them.

A gin that comes from the union of several distillates, alcoholates and essential oils of selected raw materials, expertly blended.


Patatas Nana chips and the Morgan company come together for a new innovative project that revolutionizes the world of flavored potato chips in bags, thanks to the quality and work philosophy of the two companies, which are characterized by the use of 100% products natural, without preservatives or chemical flavors, giving life to a line of french fries in bags with unique tastes and of which you are spoiled for choice.

The vegetables are 99% dehydrated by Morgan through a natural drying process, they are then pulverized and combined with the Patatas Nana chips with the addition of very little sea salt.

Bag of 100gr.

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The Bitter "Le Vaglie" was an idea started from the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC Classico "Le Vaglie", thanks to the study of over 30 botanicals and spices, this amazing bitter is born: harmonious that delights the palate with its sweetness and softness of bitter notes. No addition of artificial dyes.

Production area: Ancona - Marche


Vermouth by Stefano Antonucci

Mediterranean, overwhelming and unique, Stefano Antonucci's Vermouth is the product of great creativity and work to select the best botanicals and spices that best blended the wines of the Santa Barbara winery.

A vermouth with character that releases pleasant sensations from the very first taste.

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Oritaly Products Featured this month