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Fruit  Jam

Soft texture with pieces of glazed peel.The citrus scent and the tart taste leave the palate refreshed. Excellent eaten with casseroled meats and hard and soft cheeses.

  • no dyes
  • no preservatives
  • no chemicals
  • no pectin 

220 gr.


The quince Jam and sapa cames from an original recipe typical of Macerata, with a dense and soft texture that reveals the subtle grains characteristic of cotogna.
The scent discovers a first hint of cooked wine, sweet on the palate, to then leave a slightly sour aftertaste of the cotogna.
Perfect to accompany the capon, boiled or with polenta appetizers.



220 gr 


Amarena di Cantiano is a typical product of the Cantiano area (in the province of Pesaro-Urbino) much sought after for its goodness.

It is made using local sour cherries deprived of their stones, sugar and fresh untreated lemon juice, without any kind of preservatives.

Very good served on yogurt, with ricotta or with semi-aged cheeses; but also to create spoon desserts such as panna cotta or bavarese, for pies and cheesecakes.

370 g.


The sour cherry "Vera" is a compote with a "wild" flavor, sweet and nothing short of exquisite.

The sour cherries are small red fruits characterized by an intense red color and a slightly acid but very sweet flavor, this compote is perfect to accompany a sweet awakening at the table in the morning.

100% local sour cherries

250gr glass jar.