Chocolate and Nougat

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06| Java milk chocolate 

Chocolate of a single- product Criollo and Forastero in a wise blend from the Island of Java.

Its peculiar characteristics are due to an intense taste of vanilla and caramel.

100 gr.


07| São Thomé dark chocolate - Marangoni 

Dark chocolate of a Foastero monocultivar (Amelonado variety) from the island of Saò Thomè.

It has unique characteristics for intensity and persistence on the palate, slightly acidic with fruity notes of blueberry and coffee.

100 gr.


08|Sugar free dark chocolate 

Dark chocolate, 51% cocoa mass, sugar replacement with maltitol, suitable for special diets (hypoglycemic).

Chocolate of excellent quality that has nothing to envy to traditional chocolate.

100 gr.


Sugar free milk chocolate 

Milk chocolate with characteristics of excellent quality that has nothing to envy to traditional milk chocolate.

Substitution of sugar with maltitol suitable for special diets (hypoglycemic).



The "loin of figs" is a dessert that owes its name to its shape, similar to a salami.

In the past in the Marche countryside large quantities of figs were grown which the farmers tried to preserve, given the large quantity, to avoid wasting them were used in the preparation of this dessert which is now enjoying great success in the Marche tables.

300 gr.

The loin of figs is a Slow Food Presidium ( Slow Food projects that protect small quality productions to be safeguarded, made according to traditional methods).