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The main feature of this salami is its softness which allows it to be tasted in various ways.

In the Marche hinterland the most common use is spread on fresh bread, but it is excellent served in an appetizer or in an aperitif accompanied by other typical cured meats and sausages. It can be used to make tasty and special gourmet recipes. Try it on pizza together with other Marche products such as pecorino cheese.

It is made in compliance with the highest standards of artisan production and the strictest hygiene and health regulations.

The pigs directly selected come from farms in the provinces of Macerata, Ascoli Piceno and Fermo.



Larded salami from the Marche region

Larded salami is a typical salami of the Marche areas, as you can understand from the name, it is characterized by the presence of back fat

The curing of this salami takes place in a very natural way which makes it genuine as well as delicious.

Weight approx. 500 gr.


Liver salami is similar to Ciauscolo, but with a higher percentage of pork liver.

Cooked in a wood oven, it is aged for at least 3 weeks.

Production area: Sarnano (MC) Marche

Weight approx: 500 gr.



The guanciale is the cut of pork obtained from the cheek of the pig, with lean veins and a component of high-quality fat.

The texture is harder than bacon and a stronger flavor.

Pairings: main ingredient of pasta all'amatriciana and gricia.

approx. 500 gr


Non-larded salami

The non-larded salami is obtained from a selection of selected cuts of the pork shoulder, minced and flavored with salt, pepper and other spices.

Unlike larded salami, this one has a lower percentage of fat.

A show served during an aperitif, with a platter of mixed cold cuts and accompanied by a good red wine.

Seasoning: at least 3 months.

Production area: Sarnano, MC - Marche

approx. : 500gr.

Vacuum packed


The ham from the Marche region  is a  deboned ham and vacuum packed ham.

Thanks to an artisanal production through simple procedures such as the use of the wood-fired fireplace, it is possible to obtain a product of the highest quality, which enhances its unique and genuine flavor typical of the Marche region.

Tips in the kitchen: with Marche ham it is possible to create excellent appetizers for a dinner or aperitifs, serving it with fresh bread, bread sticks or toast; it is also delicious to use in meat rolls, preferably veal: taking a thin slice of veal and put on a slice of raw ham from the Marche region, then roll it all up creating a roll and making it heart in a pan with a drizzle of oil and garlic.

Production area: Sarnano, MC -Marche

Approx. 500gr.