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Fragrant, crunchy, with a rich and enveloping flavor, entirely handmade with patience and skill by our pastry chefs. Produced with extra virgin olive oil, carefully selected flours, mother yeast, salt and barley malt. These extraordinary bread sticks with a typical artisan look are a unique, light and genuine product. Perfect for those who love to eat in a tasty and natural way. A small salty treat of unparalleled quality.

Net weight: 150gr.

Production area: Marche 


The "Anima bianca" truffle oil is a unique and precious condiment for your dishes, the delicate delicate taste of extra virgin olive oil and the scent of white truffle give this oil the uniqueness and the typical characteristics of the products of this Earth.

Packaging in bottle of 100 ml.

100% Italian truffle, Marche region.

Without preservatives, additives and dyes; with natural and ORGANIC flavor


Delicious jam from the jujube fruit, a tree that dates back to the Roman times when it was the symbol of silence and adorned the temples of the goddess Prudence. In Central Italy it has been considered a symbol of good luck for centuries and can be found growing near many houses.

  • no dyes
  • no preservatives 
  • no chemicals 
  • no pectine

220 gr.


Sliced pepper strips are seasoned with garlic, bay leaves and herbs enhancing their strong sweet flavour.

Excellent with spaghetti and anchovies.



270 gr.


The main feature of this salami is its softness which allows it to be tasted in various ways.

In the Marche hinterland the most common use is spread on fresh bread, but it is excellent served in an appetizer or in an aperitif accompanied by other typical cured meats and sausages. It can be used to make tasty and special gourmet recipes. Try it on pizza together with other Marche products such as pecorino cheese.

It is made in compliance with the highest standards of artisan production and the strictest hygiene and health regulations.

The pigs directly selected come from farms in the provinces of Macerata, Ascoli Piceno and Fermo.



Limonotti, with a delicate lemon scent, are handmade biscuits with ancient stone-ground grains and organic ingredients.

The use of ancient grains allows cultivation without the use of chemical fertilizers, moreover they are richer in vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants, the resulting products allow greater digestibility.

200 gr.

Organic products