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Biscuits with no added sugar, only fruit, handmade and using ancient stone-ground grains.

The use of ancient grains allows cultivation without the use of chemical fertilizers, moreover they are richer in vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants, the resulting products allow greater digestibility.

These biscuits are vegan as they don't have sugar, dairy products or eggs, but they are full of goodness.

The presence of apple juice make it a delicate and greedy biscuit at the same time, nothing to envy to the others.


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Cavallucci represent a typical dessert of the ancient Marche tradition. Of peasant origin of the provinces between Cingoli and the Esino Valley.

 With a soft consistency, they have a tasty filling based on sapa, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, chocolate and coffee.

They are excellent to be enjoyed after a meal accompanied by a sweet wine from the Marche region such as Vino Cotto, Visciole wine or Vernaccia di Serrapetrona.

Also ideal as a snack or for breakfast accompanied by coffee or tea.

Baked products, without preservatives.



Moretta biscuits are particular sweets and unique in their taste, made with Moretta: the typical liqueur, originally from the city of Fano, based on coffee corrected with rum, mistrà, cognac and lemon zest.

It is defined as the drink of fishermen, who, before going out to sea, drink a hot cup of it.

They are covered with a coffee icing and inside contain a soft heart with a delicate taste.



Visciolini are delicate biscuits in which the absolute protagonist is the sour cherry, a variety of cherries with a sour taste but sweeter and with a darker color. The union of soft shortcrust pastry with the filling of sour cherries wine, sour cherries jam and sun-dried sour cherries.