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Loin of figs

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The "loin of figs" is a dessert that owes its name to its shape, similar to a salami.

In the past in the Marche countryside large quantities of figs were grown which the farmers tried to preserve, given the large quantity, to avoid wasting them were used in the preparation of this dessert which is now enjoying great success in the Marche tables.

300 gr.

The loin of figs is a Slow Food Presidium ( Slow Food projects that protect small quality productions to be safeguarded, made according to traditional methods).

Ingredients: dried figs, walnuts, almonds, anise, aniseed liqueur (mistrà).

The "loin of figs" has a golden brown color, the paste is compact.

By preparing this dessert with excess figs, it allowed to avoid waste and to make the dessert last even in winter.

It was eaten as a snack or after a meal.

A dessert that was born in the Marche hinterland, between the valleys of the Esino and Misa rivers in the Province of Ancona.

The figs are dried in the sun, ground and then mixed with aniseed, chopped almonds and walnuts, aniseed and mistrà. It is then wrapped in fig leaves and tied with a woolen thread.

Sliced, it's excellent paired with aged cheese and a glass of sweet wine.

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