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CIAUSCOLO IGP Spredable salami

VAT included

The main feature of this salami is its softness which allows it to be tasted in various ways.

In the Marche hinterland the most common use is spread on fresh bread, but it is excellent served in an appetizer or in an aperitif accompanied by other typical cured meats and sausages. It can be used to make tasty and special gourmet recipes. Try it on pizza together with other Marche products such as pecorino cheese.

It is made in compliance with the highest standards of artisan production and the strictest hygiene and health regulations.

The pigs directly selected come from farms in the provinces of Macerata, Ascoli Piceno and Fermo.


CIAUSCOLO PGI:  soft spreadable salami follows a natural seasoning, one of the fundamental phases to obtain an excellent and genuine product.

Only simple and artisanal procedures are used, with the help of the classic fireplace fueled with wood of Sibillini wood essences, which we select with extreme care and which we directly follow the drying in dry environments free of mold and foreign odors.

The result is a perfect wood for the hearth, for a slow seasoning rich in aromas and with a specific aftertaste, also perfected by the final storage in airy rooms.

the product is sold only when the seasoning is complete: not before.

Ingredients from the manufacturer's data sheet

 pork belly, pork shoulder, pork loin trimming, pork ham trimming, salt, wine, ground black pepper, garlic sauce, preservatives E252.

Nutritional values ​​for 100 gr:

Energy: 1632 kj; Energy 390 kcal; fats 34.3 gr; of which saturated fatty acids 13.1 gr; proteins 16.8 gr; carbohydrates 3.7 g; of which sugars 0.2 g; salt 3 gr.


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