Paola, passion, taste, style and emotions

Oritaly is inspired by the name of my mom, Oriana, and I would like to dedicate this project to her.

My passion for food was handed down to me by my family. When I was a baby I used to refuse any pre-cooked food, so my mom Oriana, tired of my whims, put all her experience and passion for high quality food.

She started preparing delicious healthy and genuine food, as he had already done with my older sister Lucia. Over time, this passion has grown more and more and, around the age of 20, I began to be take more and more interest in the world of quality wines.

My mom also thand down all her recipes to me, and her knowledge of the territory and of the small farms that - with passion and following the secrets handed down by their fathers and grandparents - today make excellent quality products.

In the decision to start my project, the support of my sister, Lucia, was fundamental. After a PhD in Business Administration at the Polytechnic University of Marche, she continued her research career which brought her to Sweden, in Gothenburg.

I have been spending my vacation and leisure period6s in Gothenburg with my sister for years. I met a lot of people and I have friends that helped me to learn about the customs and culture of this beautiful land. The time spent in Sweden has allowed me to also knows many local businesses.

I have organized tasting dinners thanks to the collaboration with some restaurants, "La Baracca Rossa" and "Enoteca Sassi", the winery "Il Pollenza" and some farms of the Marche Region, interested in promoting their typical and quality products.

From my passion, from these experiences and with the support of my family, I have developed the desire to spread ot the excellence of Marche all around the world.