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BABA' with RUM

VAT included

Babà is a typical dessert of Neapolitan pastry made with leavened dough, whose spongy texture is soaked in a rum-based liqueur syrup that gives it the unmistakable flavor; its secret is certainly the long and slow leavening to which it is subjected to achieve the unmistakable consistency.

500 g

Ingredients dough: eggs, soft wheat flour type 00, butter, brewer's yeast, lemon, vanilla, salt.

WET INGREDIENTS (14% VOL.): water, sugar, rum (70% VOL.), lemon, orange, cinnamon stick, vanilla berry, star anise.

Contains Milk and Egg Proteins, Gluten and Alcohol.

May contain traces of Nuts, Peanuts, and Soybeans.


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