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THE CARAT GRAN CRU - Honey of Acacia in Kurni Barrique - Wave Vase 110 gr

VAT included

Acacia honey aged in oak barrels that previously hosted the famous Kurni wine from the Marche region.
A unique honey in the world.

An ideal gift in an elegant package.
110gr Wave Vase

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The "Carat Gran Cru", either you hate, or you love

"il Carato", for a crazy game, becomes "Carato Gran Cru", or a pure acacia honey aged in the famous barrels of the Oasi degli Angeli Farm in Cupra Marittima (Ascoli Piceno), where the "Kurni", the flagship product of this company, rested for several months.

The "Kurni" is the most "particular" red wine not only of the Marche, but perhaps of Italy.
The smell refers to withered red fruit, visciola, cherries, cooked plums, with strong notes of burnt. Very intense color, with scarlet reflections that refer to the Kurni who has previously rested in the same barriques.

Take a ceramic spoon, and a half-hour.
This is meditation honey.


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