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Acacia honey BIO - jar 250gr

VAT included

Sweet and delicate Acacia BIO honey in convenience format.

Classic vase of 250 gr.

Stella was born to highlight two products used a lot in our area of origin, namely marche, the green heart of Italy.
Star anise is in fact one of the most used ingredients during distillations (famous are the illegal ones in the cellar of my Uncle's house, with the smell of Mistrà arriving miles away) to create liqueurs for correction or after meal. And hence the intuition.
So this enveloping scent of anise, almost spicy but persuasive, goes to balance and immerse itself in the body of a delicate acacia honey, which thus amplifies its peculiarity of vanilla and jam, to create an ideal tandem for those who want to find ancient scents and new flavors.

Combinations LA STELLA is great to accompany any food, from cheese to fresh fruit, from meat to ice cream.

It is stored in a cool and dry place, protected from direct light.


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