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Sour Cherry Jam

VAT included

Visciola is a small wild cherry very widespread in the Marche hills, dark red in color, blood juice and a distinctly acidic taste from fresh. The jam that is obtained from it is soft, homogeneous, of an intense ruby red.

Intense scent of visciola and pleasantly bitter aftertaste. Excellent on bread and pastries, it also lends itself to pairings with wild meats or soft cheeses.

  • no dyes
  • no preservatives
  • no chemicals
  • no pectin

 220 gr.

The products are handmade with fresh fruit of their own or Italian, all products have more than 60% fruit and then just a little sugar.

A small wild black cherry, slightly sour and sour. Perfect for breakfast but also to accompany semi-murky cheeses like a Fontina.

Ingredients: visciole 61%, sugar, lemon.


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