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Panettone with sour cherries

VAT included

Panettone with Cantiano Amarene is an artisan product made with high quality and above all genuine ingredients, starting from the sour cherries produced by "Corte Luceoli" of Cantiano (PU) which give the panettone a unique and enveloping flavor, an enviable softness that melts in your mouth, a must try.

Weight: 800gr.

Production area: Marche

* All panettone are packaged and decorated by hand, the decoration may vary.

Panettone, a traditional Christmas cake par excellence, is found here in a very special version.

Enriched with Cantiano sour cherries, processed and in syrup that give an explosion of taste to the palate, with a crunchy but delicate icing.

All the panettone are packaged by us by hand, in packs that are also ideal for giving as gifts.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Flour, sugar, butter, egg yolk, sour cherries in syrup "Amarene di Cantiano", mother yeast, vanilla salt. Icing ingredients: sugar, rice flour, armelline flours, starch, egg white. Visciole di Società Agr. Tommasini Brothers of Cantiano (PU). Produced by Pasticceria Zoppi srl. Jesi (AN).


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