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French Fries Sticks 70gr.

VAT included

Patatas Nana french fries in this innovative version, with a matchstick shape reminiscent of the fries of the 70s / 80s that had exactly the shape of a match.

An idea of ​​potato chips that will awaken the childhood memories of many, but which also intrigues the new generations.

A truly excellent product, with natural and genuine ingredients.

The Fiammiferi also won the 2020 Innovation of the Year Award at the BarAwards.

100% Natural, Gluten free, Without Preservatives.

70gr recyclable aluminum jar. , 100% plastic free.

The potatoes (Agria variety) are matured in the earth, then harvested, washed, lightly peeled and cut into slices.

They are then fried in pure sunflower oil at 155 ° and finally drained, dried and left to cool at room temperature, lightly salted with pure fine sea salt.

To make them even better, it is advisable to heat them in the oven at 180 ° for 20 "so as to enjoy them as freshly made.

They are ideal to serve during an aperitif or a delicious snack.

Tips : you can season the fries with lime and pepper, accompany them with a gazpacho, squeeze over grapefruit juice or eat them with guacamole.

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