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La Moretta

VAT included

La Moretta fanese 

Moretta of Fano or more commonly called Moretta is a correct coffee made using an ancient recipe originating from the city of Fano (PU).

Moretta is a strong and sweet drink, ideal to drink as a digestive or during the day as an energizer.

This drink is prepared by mixing the aniseed liqueur, rum and brandy, approximately in equal parts, then heated with two teaspoons of sugar and a lemon zest.

Finally, the espresso coffee is added.

At home, just heat the alcoholic mixture on the gas and prepare the coffee in a moka pot.

70cl bottle.

Included in the regional list of traditional Marche agri-food products.

The origin of the Moretta seems to have been born among the fishermen and sailors of Fano, who, before going out to sea, consumed correct and hot drinks.

In addition, the leftovers of alcoholic beverages were used to avoid waste, which put together gave life to the brunette.

The particular label also derives from the art of Le Piatlet, which enhance and promote historical and cultural excellence linked to the Church of the Piattelletti di Fano (erected in 1480 and destroyed in 1942, but the floor for its particularity and refinement became part of the most prestigious collections)

The Church was in fact known for its floor made of polychrome and majolica tiles. Made to ensure that it creates a succession of small plates instead of tiles, thus creating an optical effect.

Each tile depicted different subjects, human figures, animals, geometric and floral motifs but what created the optical effect was a ribbon-like ring that enclosed these figures inside.

Furthermore, the Moretta bottles are all numbered with the serial number on the label.

MOR 01

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